Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who is excited for an update?!?!

Well this is going to be smidge longer than my last entry because we have had some adventures since my first post! I hope you make it to the bottom because then I have to write about my new place and my new home!

Let me start off with En Brenna Vogyot! My name is Brenna…and then let me end with Cozi…thank you…please believe after a week of Hungarian lessons that’s how confident I am in speaking…I also know a few other things igen, nem (yes and no) angol-english..anddddd that’s all I know without notes..  Needless to say the Hungarian lessons, cultural lessons, and teaching lessons were great butt it was defiantly the exploring and night life that made this past week the best!

On Tuesday night we stayed on pest side and walked around to find a place to eat some dinner. We saw a nice place and one of the boys who was with us went over the chain fencey thing and please believe a guard was quick to come up and let us know we didn’t belong there. We were unaware it was the British Embassy We wound up finding a nice Italian place, and got our eat on.

From our hostel room we could see a statue on top of a hill, so we decided on Wednesday that we would climb to the top! So off we went, and let me tell you…we hiked, and we hiked and we hiked! Half way up the hill was the Gellert Monument and you could get a fairly good few of the bridges and the Buda side of town. About an hour later, which for all of you out there that have heard the Colorado Trip (lets ride to the top of the Mt. and hike down) I clearly didn’t learn my lesson the first time, because this time I was in jeans and a sweater, continued to get my hike on to the top with the group. The statue is called the freedom statue and it is equivalent to their Statue of Liberty. Also on a side note...there is no law against public drinking so we had some drinks and watched the sunset from the statue.

Thursday Night, Chelsea, Lexy and I decided to have a girls night and not hang around the rest of the group and just do our own thing. We decided to go to the Buda Royal Palace. This town is gorgeous to begin with, but then add in a little sunset, and some lights and the views just get better. We took a tram lift, that scaled the side of the mountain to the top where we were able to walk around the outside of the castle. The different monuments, and artwork around the castle was just amazing. I also loved all the different views. I would def check out my pictures :P We also found a nice little Italian place on the main road from our hostel that we went to the night before and decided to just go back. While I am still using my American money, with the exchange rate we are eating whole meals for about 7 bucks a person! Again, water is not free, and I have had to learn to not guzzle my drinks down because the size is small to begin with and it can add up!

Friday night we had a dinner put on by the program! It was a 3 course meal but didn’t have goulyash which I was kinda upset about, but I am sure I will have some sooner or later! On the way back from the resteraunt we passed and checked out Hero’s Square. All of the monument/statues represented great Hungarian war and leaders! I kinda felt like I was in Hercules and the stone heros were going to come to life…It would be something nice to also go to during the day so hopefully we could find out more about who the people were!

Lastly, I bring you to this morning! Since the directors of the program were meeting with our contact teachers we got off! So Chelsea, Lexy, and I went to the Labrynth! A hundred yard cave underneath the castle! Scariest/yet best thing I have done in such a long time. My words are never going to do the justice that my pictures can only do half of. We wound up getting in for free, however since it was so dark and scary we clung to a family and only went where they did. There were ancient paintings and statues and there was even real ivy and wine in one dead end turn. Unforutally since we didn’t pay for a tour guide and since we don’t speak Hungarian, please look at my pictures to create your own understanding of our amazing morning! You can submit these answers and ideas in the comments section of this blog and the winner will win a free night on our futon with Lexy…all air fare and expenses will not be paid…just the night on the futon!!!! :P

Well tomorrow we are off to explore Szeged and stay tuned because tonight there was an adventure and tomorrow I can only imagine what will happen!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello Budapest!!!

Hey All!!!
Well after a full days worth of travel I am here!!! Flights weren't too bad however i had the pleasure of the kid in front of me reclinning their seat all the way to my lap for most of the Colorado to Frankfurt flight!!! When we got to frankfurt we had to walk through 3 terminals go back through security and get out passport stamped all in enough time to board the plane...which we barely did!!!  We arrived and our coordinator was waiting for us!!!

Upon arrival and last night I was a little frazzled from traveling and just the shock of being in a new country and the reality of it all. Not knowing any hungarian and realizing the little things u take for granted in your own country...i cant even figure out the money hahah i was also given fake money at the exchange play but our coordinator traded with me.  Water is all bubbly seltzer but we found a brand of "still" water.

Chelsea and i got settled and then got ready for dinner!  We had dinner at a really nice resteraunt...cant remember the name but it was along the Danube River across from beautiful buildings!  It was great to watch the sunset!  Today we woke up and had a morning of introductions and it was great to meet other people.  Espically ones in the same boat as I, trying to figure out life, avoiding the real world, or couldnt get a job in their country!!!

Now im heading out for some Hungarian lessons  and teaching advise!!!  Here is a picture of chelsea and I after dinner last night!  More pictures are on Facebook!!!

Love and Miss You All!!!
<3 Brenna

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!!

Hey All!
So this is a bit new to me, but I figured it would be the best way to keep everyone in the loop of how my year is going.  It will also help me remember all the great and exciting things I will have done. 

I leave on Sunday for a year in Hungary.  I will be living in Szeged which is south of Budapest teaching english to children.  I will be living with my friend Chelsea and another friend of mine Lexy will also be in Hungary but closer to Budapest.

Safe to say I am a smidge nervous but totally excited!
Well thats it for now, next time I write will be from Hungary!!

<3 xoxo